Registration of Assessors and Moderators


In accordance with the Botswana Qualifications Authority (Registration and Accreditation of Assessors and Moderators) Regulations, 2016, any person who wishes to be registered and accredited as an Assessor or Moderator shall apply to the Authority for Registration and Accreditation. The registration and accreditation of assessors requires all prospective applicants to submit an application based on the criteria set out in the Quality Assurance Standard 5 (QAS 5). The Standard defines registration and accreditation of Assessors and Moderators as a process that an applicant shall undertake with the Authority to ascertain their capacity to be accredited as an assessor or moderator.

The application form for registration and accreditation of assessors and moderators can be downloaded from the BQA website. Registration fees apply as per the BQA schedule of fees.

NOTE: In the case of one applying for accreditation of both Assessor and Moderator, each category should be applied for separately i.e an application form for Assessor, and a separate one for Moderator. 

Provisional registration applies to Assessor applicants with less than 2 years’ assessment experience, and is valid for 3 years

Full registration applies to Assessor and Moderator applicants with at least 2 years’ assessment experience, and is valid for 5 years 

Upon submission of an application form, the applicant will be issued a pro-forma invoice which will guide the applicant on the fees required.


  • The applicant should not proceed to pay before receiving a pro-forma invoice
  • The application will only be processed when payment has been made

Required Documents

  • Completed Registration and Accreditation of Assessors and Moderators application form
  • Certified copies of ID or passport (non-citizens)
  • Certified copies of Qualifications - Qualifications in languages other than English should be accompanied by translations.
  • Certified copies of Transcripts
  • Evaluation of Qualification Report(s) for the qualification(s) bearing the services/scope applied for
  • Assessment/Moderation attainment certificate. Any other certificate should have assessment or related modules.
  • Copy of current Curriculum Vitae (Relevant to the application)
  • Two References (Attesting to assessment experience)