Qualifications Development

The Authority coordinates the development of awards, which include training unit standards, qualifications and part qualifications in line with the economic needs based on the Sector Plans developed under the Human Resource Development Council. The Authority builds capacity of the Education and Training Providers to facilitate their ability to implement the awards.

Qualification means a formal outcome of an assessment and validation process which is obtained when a competent body determines that an individual has achieved learning outcomes to sets standards.

Part qualification means an assessed unit of learning that is registered by the Authority as part of a qualification, including a module and a unit standard.

Unit standard means a statement of the outcome of any learning assessed, the type and quality of evidence that represents performance worthy of an award of credits and the context in which that evidence should be demonstrated.

Credit means the amount of learning recognized through qualifications and unit standards. 

Field means a particular area of learning used as an organizing mechanism for the NCQF.

Subfield means a specific area of education or training at qualifications level within a field.

Level means a stage in a hierarchical system used for grouping qualifications that are broadly equivalent. 

Domain means a grouping of unit standards in a specific area of education or training within sub-fields.