EQ Legal Framework 

Botswana Qualifications Authority sets standards for recognition of external qualifications and evaluation of local and external qualifications in terms of Section 4 (2h) and (2i) of the BQA Act, 2013. 

Regulation 13 of Botswana Qualifications Authority (National Credit and Qualifications Framework) Regulations, 2016 requires the Authority to develop criteria and guidelines for evaluation and recognition of external qualifications. This is to achieve the objectives of the NCQF which is to facilitate access and progression within education and training, and career path.

What is Evaluation of Qualification (EQ)

Evaluation of qualifications is the process of analysing external qualifications in terms of their country of origin, contexts and points of difference and/or similarity in relation to local qualifications and contexts.

It is a twin process that involves:

  • Verification: a process of authenticating the status of awarding body and/or Education and Training Provider and the qualifications offered by them, along with investigating the authenticity of qualifications documentation and verifying that the qualification was awarded an individual.
  • Comparability: a process which entails comparing external qualifications with NCQF qualifications, considering the structure and outcomes and locating them within the NCQF.

The evaluation process leads to either recognition or non recognition of the evaluated qualification. Recognition of a qualification facilitate access and progression within education and training, and world of work.

EQ as a means to combat qualifications misrepresentation and fraud 

When proper vetting systems are not followed and qualification verifications systems are inferior, organisations can come under immense pressure and threat fr om the increasing prevalence of qualification misrepresentation and fraud. Botswana, just like other nations faces a problem of fraudulent qualifications. BQA therefore, has a moral purpose to combat qualifications fraud by tightening the grip and closing the cracks that can be exploited by fraudsters. This is done by continuously benchmarking of evaluation of qualifications processes with robust regional and international systems.

Beneficiaries of EQ

The evaluation of qualifications can benefit 

  • Individuals 
  • Employees 
  • Education and Training Providers 
  • Employers

Application for EQ 

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EQ service fees 

  • Local qualification P 1,000.00
  • External qualification is P 2,000.00

EQ General Procedure 

The general procedure attempts to situate the qualification within the education system to which it belongs. It identifies the level and type (wh ere possible) of the qualification in Botswana that is most comparable to the external qualification. The procedure determines whether similarities between the external and Botswana qualifications are sufficient for recognition to be granted.