Accreditation of Learning Programmes

Within 12 months of its registration and accreditation, an ETP have to apply for learning programme accreditation with the Authority, failing which its registration and accreditation shall be revoked. ETPs that wish to offer learning programmes at any level shall apply to the Authority for accreditation for such learning programmes. The accreditation of a learning programme shall be based on the requirements of the NCQF standards or qualifications. ETPs that wish to have their learning programmes remain accredited shall, at least six months before the period of accreditation expires, apply for renewal of accreditation of learning programmes. Accreditation of learning programmes shall be done at a fee set out in the Fees Regulations by the Authority.The quality of learning programmes need to be regularly monitored and improved to ensure that that above all, they are responsive to the human resource needs. The programmes should be provided in a conducive environment relevant to each learning programme and with the provision of appropriate human and physical resources.