Unit Standards

These Standards will be Revised

Title Unit Level
Store horticulture produce 3
Demonstrate knowledge of pig feed ingredients, and mix and mill diets under direct supervision 2
Maintain feed supplies, and manage feed deliveries in a pork production unit 3
Overhaul a DPC-type diesel fuel injection pump 3
Carry out pregnancy testing on sow breeding stock 3
Care for the sow and litter from birth to weaning in an indoor unit and outdoor 2
Describe the relationship between handling and behaviour of pigs and productivity 1
Identify and describe facilities, equipment, and pig types, and do routine pork production unit work 1
Demonstrate knowledge of the nature and requirements of a career in the pork industry 1
Implement a schedule for an automotive preventative maintenance programme 3
Carry out pork production unit biosecurity procedures 2
Demonstrate knowledge of pig anatomy and physiology 3
Demonstrate knowledge of pig breeding, and breeding programmes 3
Demonstrate knowledge of feeds and feeding systems methods and levels for pigs 3
Overhaul a starter motor 3
Maintain pork production unit hygiene 3
Use and maintain lawn mowing equipment 2
Demonstrate knowledge of farrowing, and post-farrowing care of the litter and sow 2
Demonstrate knowledge of transplanting large trees using specialised equipment 3
Demonstrate knowledge of pig health, health problems, behaviour, welfare and biosecurity procedures 3
Demonstrate knowledge of pig diseases, disorders, and plan a preventative health programme 3
Demonstrate knowledge on lawn grasses and establishment 1
Assist sows to farrow under supervision in an indoor and outdoor units 2
Carry out groundperson duties in arboriculture 2
Demonstrate knowledge of units of measurements used in engineering 1