Unit Standards

These Standards will be Revised

Title Unit Level
Demonstrate knowledge of making jewellery as an art 1
Demonstrate knowledge of jewellery making as an art and craft work 2
Produce multiple crafts of jewellery products 3
Demonstrate knowledge of legislation covering production of art and crafts 3
Demonstrate knowledge of marketing strategies for arts and crafts products 3
Identify and prepare materials, tools and equipment for craft production 2
Improvise in production arts, crafts and traditional skills products 3
Manage finances of small craft, art, enterprise 3
Plan for culture, arts and crafts exhibitions and other events 3
Produce a market plan for arts and crafts products 2
Produce multiple craft, art, and design works 3
Demonstrate knowledge of equipment, materials and tools used in art and craft work 1
Demonstrate awareness of improvising for materials and tools in arts and crafts 2
Demonstrate knowledge of planning for arts and crafts events 3
Demonstrate knowledge of and network with other artists and crafts persons in your locality 1
Demonstrate safe working practices in an arts and crafts production 2
Demonstrate a vocabulary for classifying art and craft works 1
Make re-cycled paper product 3
Demonstrate knowledge of tools and equipment for paper making by recycling waste paper 1
Demonstrate knowledge of history of paper making 1
Demonstrate knowledge of chronological development of paper making 1
Demonstrate knowledge of raw materials for making recycled paper 1
Decorate a paper product 3
Produce sculptural work employing additive process. 3
Produce a traditional craft piece 3