Quality assurance refers to all the policies and processes directed to ensure the maintenance and enhancement of quality in education. It is the systematic review of institutional capacity, infrastructure and human resources to ensure that agreed and acceptable level of quality exists in the education provided by Education and Training Providers (ETPs).

The quality assurance processes employed in Botswana are:
1. Registration and accreditation as an Education and Training Provider (ETP)
2. Learning programme accreditation
3. Audits of the  Education and Training Providers
4. Monitoring of the Education and Training Providers
5. Submission of Annual reports by the Education and Training Providers
6. Registration & accreditation of Assessors
7. Registration & accreditation of Moderators

The role of Education and Training Providers

Education and Training Providers are the main custodians of quality within their institutions. Much as it is the responsibility of the BQA to safeguard the public interest in sound standards of education qualifications, ETPs have the primary responsibility for the quality of their programmes and their assurance.

Given the fundamental principle of quality assurance that institutions should be responsible for driving internal quality assurance processes, it is imperative for all registered ETPs to establish Internal Quality Assurance Committees (IQAC). Since quality enhancement is a continuous process, the IQAC will become a part of an institution’s management system and work towards realising the goals of quality improvement, enhancement, and sustenance.

General Education

General Education (GE) is mandated to register and accredit Education and Training Providers (ETPs) within the GE sub system. These are ETPs from Early Childhood, Primary, and Secondary (Junior and Senior).


Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) means an education, training and learning programme which provides knowledge, skills and competencies relevant for employment or self-employment, e.g. Brigades

Higher Education

Higher Education and Training (TVET) is mandated to register and accredit Education and Training Providers (ETPs) within the TVET sub system. E.g. Universities and Colleges