Learner Records & Certification

All attainment of individual unit standards and qualifications is recognized and recorded. When a candidate achieves a unit standard or number of unit standards but not a complete qualification, the unit standard achievements will be recorded on a Record of Learning. A qualification certificate is issued when a candidate achieves all unit standards of a qualification, including work experience (where required) and is awarded credits. 

 Assessment Design

Assessment is one of the processes embedded in quality assurance processes and procedures which measures content and level of performance in learning that has already taken place. Assessment processes ensure validity, fairness, reliability and relevance in identifying and recognizing candidates’ skills, knowledge and competency in a learning environment.

Objectives of Assessment Design

  • The Authority Coordinates and facilitates the development of standards and guidelines for assessment design.
  • Develop standards and criteria for verification of assessment systems and processes.
  • Check compliance of education and training providers, assessors and moderators to set standards.
  • Build capacity of education and training providers in Assessment design and moderation through technical assistance, advice, support and guidance.
  • Facilitate the establish the Sector Assessment Experts Panels (SAEPs) for quality Assurance of the Assessment component of the NCQF system
  • Coordinate the establishment of the Assessment and Moderation System of the National Credit and Qualification Framework

Assessment guides developed are available currently at a cost. (Check schedule of fees/assessment design division)