ETPs Accreditation

BQA registers and accredits Education and training Providers (ETPs) across 3 sub systems; General Education, Technical and Vocational Education and Training. The application forms for the 3 sub systems are available for download in the website and can also be purchased from BQA office. The registration and accreditation fees have been availed in the schedule of fees.

A training provider can either submit application for registration as an ETP without submitting training programmes to enable the applicant to prepare the teaching materials and either source for establishment funds or prepare the teaching environment and resources. After registration and accreditation of an ETP, the ETP is expected to submit application for learning programmes accreditation within 1 year.

ETP accreditation lasts for 10 years and learning programmes will be due for review after 5 years.

Required Documents:

  • application form
  • proof of legal standing in Botswana e.g certificate of incorporation
  • full names and corporate body number of the entity
  • provide trading name of ETP
  • evidence of ownership
  • governance of the ETP
  • names of management of the ETP
  • scope of accreditation
  • proof of QMS in place
  • financial validity and management
  • development, delivery and evaluation of teaching programmes
  • Assessment and moderation including RPL/RCC AND CATS
  • Access and equity
  • Learner support services
  • Admission, withdrawal, refund, and protection of enrolled learners
  • Staff recruitment, appraisal, and development
  • Resources
  • Work-based component
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)