BQA Functional Structure



   Directorate of the Chief Executive Officer    Strategy Management Division    
  Communications and Public Relations Division
  Internal Audit Division
  Office of Board Secretary
   Directorate of Deputy CEO   Quality Management Systems Division  
  Educational Records Division
  Customer Service Division
   Quality Assurance Department    Registration and Accreditation Division (GE)  
  Registration and Accreditation Division (TVET)
  Registration and Accreditation Division (HE)
  Institutional Audit Division
   Business Development Department   Evaluation of Qualifications Division   
  Research Division
  Capacity Building Division
  Information Technology Division 
   NCQF Services Department   Framework Development & Maintenance Division  
  Qualifications & Instruments Development Division
  Assessment Division 
   Human Resources Department   Workforce Management Division   
  Organisation and Employee Development Division
  Change Management Division
   Finance and Administration Department   Finance Division 
  Administration Division 
  Records Management Division 



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