Company Structure

Directorate of the Chief Executive Office

The Divisions in this Department report directly to the CEO. Functions in this Department include:


b) Strategy and Research

  • Custodianship of the BQA strategic plan, in terms of its development, implementation and monitoring of key result areas.
  • Management of all Research related activities

  • Effective and appropriate management of information, data and statistics. • Monitor implementation of all projects

c) Change Management

  • Drive organisational cultural change, and ensure all policies, regulations and Code of Ethics are cascaded down and adhered to throughout the Authority
  • Apply a structured change management approach to manage changes caused by projects and change efforts

d) Board Secretary

  • Provision of legal advisory services for Board of Directors and BQA Management. 
  • Provision of Board Secretarial Services for BQA Board of Directors.

Office of the Deputy Chief Executive Office

The CEO is responsible for the overall strategic position of the organisation and the DCEO has a duty to ensure operational excellence and this includes effective and efficient use of resources. This means therefore that all core functions Directors report to this office.Other functions in this Department include:

a) Stakeholder Relations

  • Development of the corporate stakeholder engagement strategy

  • Ensuring cost effective services are delivered to clients

  • Promoting and supporting cross-functional exchanges and operations among the departments

  • Promoting public and stakeholder relations, communication, marketing and branding activities of BQA

  • Creates the communication and media plans

  • Implement communication and marketing activities, and ensuring that the branding and communication objectives of BQA are met

  • Assist stakeholders to understand BQA services

b) Educational Records

  • Maintenance of National Learner Records

  • Information analysis, reporting and Dissemination on Training and Education Sector
  • Data Entry Services
  • Certifications

c) Quality Management Systems

BQA has implemented a quality management system that conforms to the requirements of BOS ISO 9001:2008 Quality management systems- requirements. Procedures have been established which outline how activities should be carried out within the various functions of the Authority. Internal and external audits are conducted on the QMS periodically to verify continued compliance with the requirements of the BOS ISO 9001: 2008 standard and the organisation’s documented QMS, while management reviews are undertaken to assess the QMS for its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.


Department of Business Development 

The Authority coordinates the development of awards which include training unit standards, qualifications and assessment guides. The development of awards is done by Qualifications Development Bodies (QDBs) which are panels of experts from industry and education and training, in line with the economic needs based on the Human Resources Development Sector Plans developed under the Human Resource Development Council. To promote uptake of the developed qualifications, the Authority builds capacity for the education and training providers to facilitate their ability to implement the awards.Functions in this department include:

a) Qualifications Development and Assessment Design

  • Facilitate the establish the Sector Assessment Experts Panels (SAEPs) for quality Assurance of the Assessment component of the NCQF system
  • Coordinate the establishment of the Assessment and Moderation System of the National Credit and Qualification Framework
  • Facilitate the development and the review of the National Assessment guides for different sectors and subsectors
  • Facilitate the development of Assessment and Moderation policies, criteria and guide lines and instruments to operationalize the implementation of the NCQF assessment component

b) Corporate IT

  • Responsible for operating and supporting all departmental information technology service and infrastructure.


c) Capacity Building

  • Capacity building and awareness creation for stakeholders on BQA services and products, aiding them in their pursuit to comply with BQA regulatory requirements
  • Capacity building of providers on curriculum development and assessment design support
  • Learning programme development feedback provision to providers, and assistance to alignment to BNVQF


Department of National Credit and Qualifications Services

This department coordinates the development of the NCQF and related functions.Functions in this department include:

a) NCQF Services

  • To establish and maintain the National Credit and Qualifications Framework (NCQF)
  • Oversee the registration and validation of local qualifications and part
qualifications into the NCQF
Oversee the evaluation of external qualifications and assessment for equivalency with the Botswana qualifications
  • Facilitate recognition of international awards in Botswana and of Botswana internationally

b) Recognition of Prior Learning

  • Develop policies, criteria, methods, standards and relevant instruments of
(a) CAT, (b) RPL and (c) validation of competencies and achievement of Learners

c) Framework Development and Maintenance

  • Build and maintain close working and collaborative links with regional and International qualifications framework.

Department of Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Department is mandated by the Act to coordinate the education, training and skills development quality assurance system from early childhood to tertiary level. This department is responsible for the following;

  • Register and accredit education and training providers, assessors, awarding bodies and moderators;
  • Accredit learning programmes;
  • Develop and review quality standards, and ensure compliance through a monitoring and evaluation system;
  • Set criteria for the development of national education and training quality and inspection standards; and

  • Do all such things and perform all such functions, as may be necessary for, or incidental to the attainment of the objectives of the Authority.

Quality Assurance is done for all the 3 sub-systems:

  1. General Education
  2. Technical and Vocational Education Training
  3. Higher Education

Department of Human Resources

The department is responsible for the formulation, review and implementation of the human resource policies, strategies, procedures and guidelines. Its main duties are to coordinate and supervise:Functions in this department include:

a) Performance Reward and Remuneration Management

  • Recruitment and selection, training and development, and personnel administration.

b) Manpower Planning

  • Staff relations and welfare programmes.

Department of Finance and Administration

Provides support services, which enhances the operational effectiveness of the core departments has three main support functions being accounting and finance, information technology and general administrationFunctions in this department include:

a) Accounting and Finance

  • Responsible for ensuring timely maintenance of books of accounts which accurately reflect the financial transactions of the Authority, in accordance with internationally recognised standards and practices, and to ensure the cost effective utilisation and protection of the assets of the Authority.

b) Administration and Procurement

  • Responsible for ensuring the cost effective procurement and management of the Author- ity’s property, provision of transport and provision of office supplies and other material requirements in accordance with budget allocations